Dropping Gas Prices, why?

Fuel prices sign at gas stationAmericans are seeing gas prices decrease thanks to a record high in domestic production from shale development. An independent study by Lundberg Study Inc. backs this claim in their report, citing the average price of gasoline has dropped a relatively whopping $0.1466 from a year ago.

While the United States is still tied to the global market for energy and natural resources, the rise in domestic shale production has clearly benefitted the average consumer. A report from the Center for New American Security explains that domestic production energy keeps consumers safe from global disruptions and price spikes. According to the American Automobile Association, the average Joe would be paying $0.40 more per gallon gas if it were not for domestic energy production.

Energy expert Dan Steffens speculates that gas prices could be significantly higher due to the global disruption in the Middle East. Again, due to the production of domestic energy, Americas are protected from astronomically higher prices caused by global strife. Time and time again, history has shown fluctuation in the energy markets in times of unrest.

Thanks to the energy revolution going on, the United States has managed to secure our sources of energy and pass on those savings to the consumer, thanks to the increase in shale development. Even while other countries experience unrest and fluctuating energy cost, the recent developments help curtail any disruption in the domestic energy markets. It goes to show that shale development and domestic energy production benefits each and every American.


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